“If you organize your life around your passion, You can turn your passion into your story and then turn your story into a SUCCESS STORY !!!” 

~Humaira Syed

I was born to a Middle-class family of 8 people. My father was a government employee, with a limited salary to raise his 6 kids. Being the youngest in the family, I was both lucky and unlucky. Lucky because I didn’t share any responsibility for house-hold, and unlucky because I was the guinea-pig of everyone`s unsuccessful desires. My father wanted me to be an Army Doctor, my Mom wanted me to be a successful teacher and my sisters wanted me to study the subjects which can get me a good government job. As a result, until my graduation, I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do with my life. This led to extremely low confidence and a lack of self-worth. In my younger years; I felt useless and unnecessary. I always had almost no answer to anything ever asked of me. I was labeled as an introverted, with low self-esteem, strange and antisocial person. Because I didn’t want to study the subjects I always had to, I never performed well in them. This low self-worth made me avoid any possible interaction with people. I never wanted to go to any gathering. I used to hide behind the doors when there were guests at home. At times I spent hours hiding behind the door to avoid a mere interaction and any possible questions like how are you or what you do? It might sound strange or funny but I was extremely scared of “Being Seen”.

After graduation, I applied for many jobs, & the first job interview I was called to was of a call center agent in an English outsourcing company; interestingly my English finished in the first 5 minutes of the interview and the rest I only spoke Urdu. But thanks to my manager, he took a chance on me and I never disappointed him. The first moment of enlightenment was during this job, that one day while making a robotic & scripted job hiring call, “hello this is Tristar marketing, we received your CV….!!! He was listening to my call, and when I hung up, he asked me… 


“Ummm excuse me?”

“You are calling from Tri-Star Marketing, but WHO ARE YOU?? What’s your name, your Identity? You’re worth? Why should they listen to you?

And That’s when I realized that I am not what I do, I am what I can be. My identity is not my family, my qualifications or the company I belong to, my worth is Who I am and What I am capable of…!!!

I used to prioritize everyone else’s desires and had completely forgotten to nurture and care for myself. I wasn’t sure how I was going to proceed, but I knew I was prepared. I knew I was connected to a higher power who would give me the strength to go where I desired. I started working on myself and stretching myself to help me grow. This was occasionally uncomfortable, as much as growth and change can be. I reconnected with my meditation practice, journaled, devoured books, and did a ton of study on self-worth during this effort to overcome self-doubt. I reconnected with my inner positive self. My life started to improve as I changed my perspective. I experienced the feeling of living, as opposed to merely existing. Despite the length of the process, it was all worthwhile. My life changed from a stressful experience to an exciting Learning Journey.

I started exploring my potential, growing myself. I got a masters in Psychology. I studied a subject that helped me teach & train every single profession…!! I didn’t become a doctor, but I trained and coached doctors, I didn’t do teaching, but I trained Teachers, I didn’t join the Army, but I trained army professionals, it did not secure me a Stable Government job, but it helped me deliver talks and training to multiple corporate and government institutions. 

As I think of the positive changes and improvements in my life, I felt compelled to share this gift with others who are seeking assistance in navigating difficult times in their lives. 

In hopes of healing my own life, I sought training in coaching, nutrition, fitness and mindfulness. I found motivation in me to teach others how to balance life challenges, thriving career, body and mind—and so my coaching practice was born. I take a holistic approach to coaching, examining any blocks in the mindset, in our bodies, and how we lead. My enthusiasm and dedication play a crucial role in inspiring my clients to take initiative and transform their lives in extraordinary ways.

I became a certified Transformational Leadership Coach from Paradigm-21 Hong Kong. I am a certified Mind-Mapping practitioner from Tony Buzan International Academy. Moreover I have got NLP Coach Training from The First Institute of Dynamic Learning,USA. I’m a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) with my Associate Coaching Certificate-ACC and Professional Coaching Certificate-PCC. 

I’m also lucky to have been mentored by a couple of wonderful & eminent professionals including– Associate Director (Principal) at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) – Daniel Van Waseem. He inspires me to achieve the highest standards in my field of expertise and to update my knowledge and skills continuously.  

I do multiple coaching practices, however my best Coaching Niche is helping people find their life purpose. I selected this niche due to a life-transforming experience. Once I was invited by an NPO as a speaker for a girls vocational school event in a far flung village of Pakistan named “Sagri, Rawat. ”. I saw many young beautiful, innocent souls, many of them completed high schools, a few graduated from university, but when I asked them to introduce themselves, they were dead silent, trying to hide behind each other or simply disappear behind the tables. I saw these dozens of “Humairas” hiding behind the door to avoid any questions. They needed someone to ask them “WHO THEY ARE..!!” and I became that Someone. I joined this NPO as a trainer & had organised training and coaching sessions for these girls, to gain confidence to find their passions and own their true being. That was a truly fulfilling experience. On the graduation of 6 months of coaching and training course, these girls appeared on stage with mic, speaking to hundreds of people, about their future goals & motivations. This experience boosted my confidence of becoming a mentor and coach to young career oriented people.

As a Leadership Coach, I value continuous improvement of leadership potential by exploring new fields. While doing Transformational Leadership Coaching Certification in Hong Kong; I realized that understanding business leadership in its essence is vital to succeeding in the training and coaching industry. They say when a student is ready, a teacher appears. That’s when I had an opportunity for a Master of Business Administration in Leadership and Societal Innovation from Shizenkan University, Tokyo Japan. A one-of-its-kind Leadership program, with a unique blend of Western Business Studies with Eastern Philosophy. With my passion for learning, I worked hard and secured a 100% Scholarship. 

In an internationally diverse class of 40 students from 36 different nationalities, including highly skilled professionals from MNCs to diplomats to Entrepreneurs, I have gained much knowledge and experience. Being the first-ever Pakistani student to this university I had a bigger responsibility to become the pride of my country. I not only outperformed in this huge group of professionals but have also scored “Leadership Distinction” by proudly standing among the top 5 students of the class of 2022. I also hold two honors, of being the only Female and only South Asian to be selected for Leadership Distinction. I shared the pride of presenting my social enterprise project in front of hundreds of people and got a standing ovation. My final report has been selected as the best report to share as a sample for future students. 

For my corporate work, I have many national and international corporate clients and have been featured as an expert in multiple famous magazines including WOW-Woman- in the category of Self-Made International Women. 

In addition to my coaching business, I also take pride in being the Founder of Dukhter Foundation (Dukhter is the Persian & Dutch word for Daughter) which works for women’s empowerment and well-being. one of the notable achievements of Dukhter Foundation is establishing BOLO Anti-Harassment Helpline, the pioneer in sensitizing Pakistani community for domestic, social, and academic harassment, particularly the sexual harassment. This initiative of Dukhter has been appreciated on many digital and electronic platforms.

It gives me great pleasure to assist people in their personal and professional development. To date, my work has assisted numerous change-makers in releasing the hustle and burnout and stepping into alignment, and I aim to assist thousands more in the coming years.

As an African proverb says,,,,

If you want prosperity for a year,,, grow grains..!!
If you want prosperity for 20 years… grow trees…!!
and if you want prosperity for generations,,, grow PEOPLE …!!!

With my transformational journey of “Hiding behind the doors to opening the doors of possibilities for others”… I am determined to equip people with future skills; to grow leaders; with my passion, skills, expertise & resources. If it resonates with you, then Join me for knowing how I successfully stepped into my Power, and How exactly can I help you in doing so.

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